Fellas, I've been reading a lot and I need some advice. Ive been reading alot on here and some other forums and i've almost got it down that i'm going to get on HGH and IGF. I know i know it would be more beneficial to run is with AAS, but i can't do it, i just can't. Its not a money thing, its another. Anyhow, Ive read alot of post on these and the couple where it basically breaks down a cylcle of these two things along with slin. Now, right now i'm 6'3" 220lbs and probably close to 20% BF, i know not good. My goal is to get at 230-235 at around 10% or less. Do ya think running these two together will help me get there? I know nutrition would be a huge part of this. And again, i know that AAS would help, but basically, i'm not allowed. So hopefully i can get some help with this, ive got some other questions to but this is gettin a little long. Yall holla at me when you get a chance.