Although I have been thinking about GH before, I am very interested now due to a heart condition. Dilated Myopathy(enlarged heart) is what I have. About 4 years ago it really kicked my ass. I was very fatigued and got winded just carrying my 3 Y/O down the hallway. Not good if your a Firefighter huh? Hy heart efficiency was about at 50 percent. Thankfully to meds, I'm now back to the upper end of normal but I'll never be where I was before....... or will I? Research shows very positive results to Gh useage in rebuilding and strengthing the heart muscle which is just what I need. I f I could get another 5% more of my heart function back I would be exstatic!! I'm going to an endocrinoligist in a week that works with this . I think he will be supportive. If not I'll be overseas ordering. However, a 30 day supply of GH from my pharmacy would cost me $40 a month per my insurance company with a script for hormone replacement.Seems like the route to go for the quality and price.

Anyone notice any increase in heart function/stamina after GH useage? If your heart isn't damaged you may not have.