Everything gun said I had thought about writing but I couldn't make it too long they're still cutting my post at a very small amount saying I'm a new member and I've been here for 5 years besides the time that I was getting a cornea transplant. I wrote the head of this place to tell them it's ridiculous and I don't even go on here as much as I would because it's annoying to write a good post and answer someone questions then have it denied. So hopefully he'll do something about it and I will come here more if he does. I was even thinking of doing a log on this GH, test I justvm started but it would be very hard getting my posts cut off all the time.

I justvstrated- 500 mg of test E I'm doing 300 mg a week a tren, 300 mg NPP, 50bmgs anadro
GH 5 X a week
Insulin 5-10 also only two times during day if I train one if in off. NOVELDEX 10mg a day
T3 12.5 MCgs
I'd love to do a journal, I was shooting to compete for first time since 2001. I wasn't sure if I could till I went out New Year's Eve of 2020 and a friend of my girlfriend took a picture of us He says he being the next day and I was like I'm getting ridiculously big I don't even realize it. I really never realize that I was even much bigger than that when I was competing when I was younger I always thought I was small it's like the bodybuilders curse. I'll attach a picture to show you.

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