Author: Michael Greeves

Bodybuilding as a sport has been around since the early 1900ís. Female bodybuilding on the other hand really only took hold in the 1970ís. Where male participants had the time and experiences to form plans of action to shape and grow their bodies into top form, females were playing catch-up.
In order to achieve the optimum health levels needed in the bodybuilding arena whether you plan on reaching professional levels or purely personal goals, a plan to meet your nutritional needs will need to be decided upon. There are many different female bodybuilding meal plans throughout the sport today and every participant will have their best for them plan figured out. Let's explore a few of the most widely used meal plans now.

For maximum fat burning results while still maintaining the muscle that you have achieved, you want to focus on your protein intake while still allowing yourself vegetables and fruits in smaller quantities. The balance to remember in this case is low levels of carbohydrates and moderate fat intake.

Are you seeking to increase the lean muscle that you have so far gained while controlling the amount of fat you lose? If so, you're looking at a three way balancing act between fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Protein still takes the main wheel in this meal plan with the fats bringing in about a third of the whole percent and carbohydrates bringing up the rear; essentially you are looking for medium levels of both carbohydrates and fats this time around.

Perhaps you are in the off season and looking to not only keep up the lean muscle you have gained but continue to add to it while you maximize the amount of fat you stave off your newly sculpted form. In this case, seek out a diet with medium to high carbohydrates and low fat. Minimizing the intake of that which you wish to keep off your frame will certainly aid in keeping it from becoming a problem that needs handling when competition time rolls back around.

Whatever the goal you seek in your nutrition plan, there is a female bodybuilding meal plan out there for you. The first step is analyzing your own bodyís needs. Once youíve discovered the areas that you feel need the most focus, apply the meal plan that will help you achieve your goals. In this way, you can not only be certain that you will maintain the form you have thus far gained, but will continue to build towards your optimum bodybuilding potential.