The modern bodybuilding is all about building as massive physiques as possible, and as far as the competitors of the open weight class are concerned, inventing new ways to put on ridiculous amounts of mass is what the sport has become all about.

Arnold Schwarzenegger openly criticized the increasingly freakish proportions of todays bodybuilders who tend to focus too much on the shock factor and said that no average person would like to look like these guys, while the bodybuilders of the Golden Age strived to develop the ideal male physique and placed the strongest emphasis on aesthetics.
Big Ramy is the ultimate poster boy of modern bodybuilding who went from a relative unknown to potential Mr. Olympia title challenger in just a few short years thanks to his inhuman size and definition that has garnered him much attention.

But Big Ramy should watch out, Morgan Aste, a French bodybuilder who is standing at 63 and weighing close to 360 lbs in the offseason and seems to be creating a lot of fuss by shifting some serious weight in strongman competitions. Rightfully named The Big Rock, Aste could prove to be a future championship threat if he keeps up this rate of progress.
Could this guy earn his place among the mass monsters on the Olympia stage? Check out the above video of two genetic freaks in all their glory!

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