Hey guys and gals

Ive been through some rough times sorry that I haven't been around as much.

To make up for it Ill have a lil sale this month where everyone that orders a 5 pack of BBBW Ill throw in a free monkey fist self defense key chain. The monkey fist is a 550 cord braided chain with a 1 inch steel ball in the end. 20.00 value.

Ill do this from april to june

You will have to make a note when ordering or send an email requesting the monkey fist key chain, in doing so you release me from all liability and proclaim that you know your states laws and regulations regarding such items and accept 100% responsibility. If your in CA ask for a T shirt I wont deal with that state at all.


mods always get a discount and or free items. Just email me through the website with your handle here for verification and the hook up. Baby1 you get free items whenever you want them sale or not

proud to be apart of this board