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  1. When eating fish is a health hazard
  2. Banning trans fats in England could prevent 7,000 heart deaths over next five years
  3. Beetroot juice benefits patients with heart failure
  4. Obesity in the US highest in Midwestern and Southern states
  5. The Power of celery. recipe too
  6. Follow-up study of Viaskin Peanut shows significant increase in peanut consumption and treatment benefit in peanut allergic children
  7. Rebates a cost-effective way to boost healthy eating among low-income people, study finds
  8. Larger food pack sizes increase consumer estimates of portion sizes
  9. Numbers are in: 37,000 Australians can avoid a cancer diagnosis each year
  10. Gut microorganisms cause gluten-induced pathology in mouse model of celiac disease
  11. Antioxidants: helpful or harmful for melanoma?
  12. Obesity rates will soar by 2025 if governments fail to take action, says report
  13. Low oxygen before birth, high-salt diet may pose risk for cardiovascular disease
  14. "Beeting" high altitude acclimatization with beet juice
  15. Cancer survivors often have poor diets, which can affect their long-term health
  16. Time to treat unhealthy foods like tobacco to reduce obesity
  17. Fast food linked to poorer bone development in early years
  18. Despite promise, vitamin D and calcium do not reduce colorectal cancer risk
  19. Doctors call on hospitals to oppose the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture
  20. Danger of listeria in caramel apples
  21. What can we learn from nutrigenomics testing?
  22. Tualang honey supplements found to reduce harmful side effects of smoking
  23. Dietary fat impacts autoimmune flare-ups in mice
  24. Leptin gene therapy 'may be better than dieting' for weight loss
  25. Dietary fatty acids may influence flare-ups in MS, autoimmune disease
  26. US Marshals seize adulterated crab products for food safety violations
  27. New AAP report targets lack of adequate food as ongoing health risk to US children
  28. Bacteriophage treatment decontaminates infant formula
  29. Scientists grow industrial quantities of red wine compound using tomatoes
  30. Eating processed meats can cause colorectal cancer, WHO
  31. Eat more fruits and vegetables in young adulthood for a healthier heart
  32. Study: A low-carb diet outperforms a low-fat diet when it comes to health outcomes
  33. Agricultural policy reforms may raise sugar intake, harm public health
  34. Factors in breast milk may play a role in transmission of obesity
  35. Does your coffee contain mycotoxins?
  36. Adverts for kid's meals with toys draw children
  37. Does insulin influence what we choose to eat?
  38. Soy diet may prevent osteoporosis in menopausal women
  39. Dental health of professional footballers is "poor" and affects performance
  40. Increasing vitamin D supplementation
  41. Obese people need more vitamin E, but actually get less
  42. Links found between hunger and health
  43. Sleep well to avoid insulin resistance
  44. Virtual selves can help boost better real world health and exercise habits
  45. Severe iron deficiency associated with head lice in young woman
  46. Research finds cranberries are an effective approach to help reduce antibiotic use
  47. Vitamin D levels can be compared across studies and countries
  48. MythBusters 201-203: Gluten, Clean Eating, and The Fat-Burning Zone
  49. Kids learn about healthy lifestyle in school-based garden program
  50. Just one energy drink may boost heart disease risk in young adults
  51. Multi-domain intervention plus omega-3 supplementation improves cognition in older people with memory complaint
  52. A single energy drink could harm heart health for young adults
  53. Group therapy is an effective and cost-efficient way to promote cardiovascular health
  54. Evidence shows low energy sweeteners help reduce energy intake and body weight
  55. Project to develop sausages with antioxidants from berries to prevent cancer
  56. The Benefits of Fiber: For Your Heart, Weight, and Energy
  57. Sweet news for soda and coffee drinkers, stevia less bitter than before
  58. Commercial sea salt samples purchased in China contaminated with microplastics
  59. Eat vanilla yogurt, be happy, says research
  60. Honey: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
  61. Heat and high pressure: new technique to process food
  62. Moderate coffee drinking may prevent premature death
  63. Endurance athletes who 'go against the grain' become incredible fat-burners
  64. Coconut oil effective against Candida fungal infection
  65. Can natural remedies jeopardize cardiovascular health?
  66. Personalized diets needed to combat obesity and diabetes
  67. Research ushers in new era of boutique chocolate
  68. Eat a good breakfast, get better grades
  69. WIC program usage reviewed in new interim report
  70. Food industry can help lower cardiovascular diseases by adding little seaweed to products
  71. Does the gut microbiome tell us when we are full?
  72. Superfoods: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
  73. Under The Bar: How to Pull off a MASSIVE Bloat
  74. How to Master The Art of Thanksgiving Eating
  75. How fatty foods could be damaging your brain
  76. New alliance on obesity outlines priorities for action
  77. RSPH backs Health Committee calls for hard-hitting action by food industry to tackle childhood obesity crisis
  78. USDA takes a fresh look at the calorie content of walnuts
  79. New malnutrition self-screening tool launched
  80. Parents need more guidance to prevent toddlers overeating
  81. Fries with a side of acrylamide
  82. Teaching parents about the importance of breakfast has benefits for both parent and child
  83. Specific coffee chemicals may ward off type 2 diabetes
  84. Beans: The Super Food that Keeps You Full
  85. Should portion size be regulated?
  86. Surgeon warns of 'malicious combination' behind surge in cases of kidney stones
  87. Looking for the best antioxidant fruit? Search no further than black raspberries
  88. Breaking bread with colleagues boosts productivity
  89. Eliminating food deserts may not achieve improved dietary quality in the United States
  90. Study links body fat, weight loss, and chromosome length in breast cancer patients
  91. Could pesticide in milk contribute to Parkinson's disease?
  92. Latino adults but not children lose weight in family-based lifestyle program
  93. Plant protein reduces mortality in chronic kidney disease patients
  94. How eating herbs could boost your brain
  95. Health labels influence flavour perception
  96. Gut damage identified as cause of vaccine failure, malnutrition
  97. FDA takes action against Vermont dairy farm for illegally administering drugs to cattle
  98. Drugging the microbiome may treat heart disease
  99. Bacterium carrying a cloned Bt-gene could help millions infected with roundworms
  100. Less sleep, more food and drink?
  101. Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Healthiest?
  102. Low vitamin D levels associated with IBS
  103. Battling obesity epidemic: New look at 'fat tax'
  104. Increased toxicity due to migration? An invasive seaweed amplifies its defensive capacity
  105. FIU scientists discover how arsenic builds up in plant seeds
  106. Vitamin D deficiency does not increase risk and severity of obstructive sleep apnea
  107. Hormone suppresses appetite for sugar and alcohol
  108. Cookies can kill: salmonella lives in dry foods for 6 months
  109. Obesity: how much is in the genes?
  110. Omega-3 helps ward off rheumatoid arthritis
  111. Coffee might improve your endurance during exercise
  112. How the "healthy = less filling" intuition influences satiety
  113. MythBusters 201-203: Gluten, Clean Eating, and The Fat-Burning Zone
  114. Seaweed capsules may lead to an injection-free life for diabetic patients
  115. Let hunger be your guide
  116. MS patients may benefit from vitamin D supplements
  117. New Year's resolution: switch diet to improve sleep and get fit
  118. How healthy foods could lead to overeating
  119. Festival organisers should put safety first
  120. Does more vitamin D increase the risk of falls?
  121. Tools for protecting drinking water
  122. Exercise and diet improves ability to exercise for patients with common type of heart failure
  123. Miriam Hospital, R.I. Community Food Bank study dispels belief healthy diets are costly
  124. What are the best diets for 2016? New report reveals all
  125. Sugary drinks sales down by 12% in Mexico after new tax
  126. US Marshals seize dietary supplements containing kratom
  127. CDC: 90% of Americans consume too much salt
  128. The Physicians Committee praises new dietary guidelines for strengthening cholesterol warnings, but demands investigation into cholesterol money trail
  129. Substitute rewards makes smaller portions more palatable
  130. Delivery method, infant diet could impact long-term health
  131. Mental health conditions common before bariatric surgery
  132. ************ during delivery: weighing benefits and costs
  133. Climate change could cut First Nations fisheries' catch in half
  134. Could health warning labels stop parents buying sugary drinks for kids?
  135. Just 1 day of unhealthy eating can impact sleep quality
  136. Men's sexual health: are the supplements safe?
  137. New adult critical care guidelines seek to improve patient outcomes
  138. Water dispensers in schools: do they lower obesity in students?
  139. Too much sugar during adolescence may alter brain's reward circuits
  140. Exposure to environmental toxin may lead to Alzheimer's
  141. Eating the right fats could save 1 million lives per year
  142. Fat Loss Sabotage: Are You Hindering Your Fat Loss?
  143. Parental support has positive effect on children's eating behaviours
  144. New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries
  145. Researchers develop a 'super-spaghetti' with healthy properties which lessens the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases
  146. Even fried food has nutritional value, when cooked in olive oil
  147. Is it a real food allergy?
  148. Yale team deciphers sugar's siren song
  149. Link between food advertising and child food consumption
  150. Nudging us to health: how office competition can help
  151. Can soy boost fertility treatment success?
  152. Study shows zinc supplement boosted serum zinc levels and immunity in older adults
  153. Typical food triggers creation of regulatory T cells
  154. Polycystic kidney disease: a diet dividend
  155. Negative food messages make sugary snacks more enticing
  156. Acai Berries: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
  157. Are BPA-free food containers really safe?
  158. Alzheimer's: no link to mercury in brain or seafood consumption
  159. A combined carbon and sugar tax could have environmental and health benefits
  160. New study finds simplified nutritional labels spur healthier choices in grocery stores
  161. New sunscreen offers vitamin D production with UV protection
  162. Obesity associated with ADHD in females
  163. Study: Vacations can lead to weight gain, contribute to 'creeping obesity'
  164. Eating chocolate during pregnancy may benefit fetal growth, development
  165. Prunetin prolongs lifespan in male fruit flies and enhances overall health
  166. Where infants sleep may affect how long they are breastfed
  167. Wholesome wholegrain
  168. Research shows weight loss and improved cholesterol levels with walnut-rich diet
  169. Barley 'reduces appetite and improves metabolism'
  170. Solid foods take over shaping of gut microbiota by 9 months
  171. High-cholesterol diet, eating eggs do not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons genetically predisposed
  172. Gene study confirms 'we are what we eat'
  173. No time for healthy diet? Some Californians say they're too busy to eat healthy foods
  174. Cranberries help urinary tract infections, but not as juice
  175. Obesity crisis: make pub, restaurant and cinema chains show calorie counts, say UK councils
  176. Could the food we eat affect our genes? Study in yeast suggests this may be the case
  177. Organic milk, meat contain more omega-3 than non-organic alternatives
  178. Salt and sodium intake remains high in China
  179. Shocking amount of sugar found in many hot flavoured drinks
  180. New IARC report urges action against widespread mycotoxin contamination in developing countries
  181. Eating fish helps stave off dementia
  182. Breast milk sugars promote healthy infant growth through gut microbiome
  183. Red meat compound linked to worse outcomes in heart failure patients
  184. Fizzy drinks need child-friendly 'teaspoon labels' to spell out sugar content, say UK councils
  185. One third of eating disorder sufferers face discrimination at work
  186. E. coli survives predatory bacteria by playing hide and seek
  187. Parental anxiety/depression linked to pre-schoolers' fussy eating
  188. Chocolate may boost cognitive function
  189. Low amino acids in diet linked to stunted growth in children
  190. Freshwater biodiversity has positive impact on global food security
  191. Salt intake appears to have little impact on bone health in menopausal women
  192. Dried plums could protect against radiation-induced bone loss
  193. Turmeric: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
  194. New insight into the possible risk factors associated with food allergies
  195. Sleep deprivation increases hunger in similar way to marijuana
  196. Drugs that treat osteoporosis also can cause small risk of thigh bone fractures
  197. 10% price cut on fruits and veg 'could prevent thousands of heart deaths'
  198. Agricultural fertiliser could pose risk to human fertility, research finds
  199. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to spread of breast cancer in mice, Stanford study finds
  200. Yogurt may protect women from developing high blood pressure
  201. Improved lifestyle led to decreased cholesterol and less cardiac death
  202. Eat your broccoli to protect against liver cancer
  203. Drinking more water reduces sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake
  204. Could yogurt help lower high blood pressure?
  205. Could low vitamin D in pregnancy mean a risk of MS in offspring?
  206. 50% of people in UK now aware of processed meat cancer risk
  207. Tufts University nutrition scientists provide updated MyPlate for older adults
  208. Hydrolized infant formula does not prevent allergies
  209. Consuming iron with green tea may lessen tea's benefits
  210. The benefits of food processing
  211. Daily nutritional drink can help to conserve memory in case of Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease
  212. Cleveland clinic study shows gut microbes influence platelet function, risk of thrombosis
  213. Family-based counselling increases physical activity and improves diet quality in children
  214. Salt could lead to weight gain by driving fatty food intake
  215. Blueberries could be used to fight Alzheimer's, researchers suggest
  216. The up-and downside of caloric restriction for aging and health
  217. Report highlights huge problems faced by parents of children with autism
  218. Omega-3 fatty acids shown to exert a positive effect on the aging brain
  219. Children in intensive care recover faster with little to no nutrition
  220. Higher blood levels of omega-3 may help depression in heart patients
  221. When you eat could be as important as what you eat
  222. U.S. elementary schools see improvement in nutrition of school lunches
  223. Laser tool for detecting bacterial growth in packaged food
  224. High-fat diet may put future generations at risk of disease
  225. Crunch effect: how the sounds of eating curb the appetite
  226. Hemp: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
  227. Child mortality and malnutrition linked to gender inequality
  228. Adherence to nutrition recommendations and use of supplements essential for vegans
  229. BPA substitute in food packaging triggers fat cell formation
  230. How to spot elder abuse and neglect in the ER: Things are not always as they seem
  231. Taking a Whole Body/Whole Life Approach to Recovery
  232. Vitamin C intake may help reduce the chance of cataracts
  233. High serum omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid concentrations linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  234. Investigating the link between probiotics and the health of female astronauts
  235. Fruit juices and smoothies have 'unacceptably high' sugar content
  236. Losing weight with a high-protein diet can help adults sleep better
  237. Voice-controlled nutrition tracker may aid weight loss
  238. Gene study could help heart patients cut craving for salt
  240. Food insecurity and hospital visits -- is there a link?
  241. Couples' caffeine intake before pregnancy may affect miscarriage risk
  242. For the first time scientists can observe the nano structure of food in 3-D
  243. Daily serving of pulses may aid long-term weight loss
  244. Brain cancer: Two essential amino acids might hold key to better outcomes
  245. Obesity now more prevalent worldwide than underweight
  246. High-protein diet may explain anatomical differences of Neanderthals
  247. 'Good' cholesterol may not always protect against heart disease
  248. Higher calcium intake 'may protect seniors from CVD, but not stroke, fractures'
  249. Daily vitamin D-3 supplementation may benefit heart failure patients
  250. Mindfulness-based eating awareness helps adolescents eat healthier foods, be more active