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  1. Should 'junk food' companies be sponsoring major sporting events?
  2. Early interventions among Head Start preschool families improve sleep behaviors for kids, parents
  3. Kids who eat a Mediterranean diet '15% less likely to be obese'
  4. Scientists concerned that nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks may reach environment
  5. Lifespan of worms doubled by strict diet: scientists suspect same process at work in cancer cells
  6. Sharp rise in professional queries about harmful effects of 'fat burning' agent
  7. Could a cocoa extract prevent Alzheimer's?
  8. Study suggests that neanderthals ate more vegetables than previously thought
  9. American children 'consuming too many vitamins and minerals'
  10. Genetic study suggests causal link between vitamin D deficiency and hypertension
  11. Current IV feeding safeguards against bloodstream infections need to be revized
  12. Childhood malnutrition linked to higher blood pressure in adults
  13. Randomized pediatric autism clinical trial conducted entirely online
  14. Safe seafood project develops tools for detection of pharmaceutical residues
  15. TV gives children a 'bad example' on food
  16. Why high-protein weight loss diets can work
  17. Nutrition and health 'have greater influence on newborn's size than race'
  18. Proper Training Routine for Carb Cyclying
  19. Rise in obesity 'due to decline in exercise, not over-eating'
  20. Militant Fat Loss Tricks: Legal And Illegal Methods
  21. A new study says that a high-protein diet will kill you, but boatloads of carbs are fine. Sound suspect? You're right. Jim Stoppani goes behind the headlines to bring you the real story!
  22. Treatment-resistant hypertension requires proper diagnosis
  23. New allergen toolkit for healthcare catering launched in the UK
  24. Everyday foods pushing the salt intake of toddlers to excessive levels
  25. Organic and non-organic foods are compositionally different, says new study
  26. The Hidden Cost of Cheap Chicken
  27. Severity of osteoarthritis in mice reduced by omega 3 fatty acids
  28. Antihypertensive and antioxidant activity in black beans
  29. Tooth plaque provides insight into our prehistoric ancestors' diet
  30. Study maps EU school food policies for the first time
  31. European children not eating enough fruit and veg
  32. Can fish oil protect against brain damage caused by alcohol abuse?
  33. Heart failure patients benefit from potassium supplements in conjunction with diuretics
  34. Finding Balance Between Your Life and Your Diet
  35. Calorie restriction with resveratrol key to kick-starting cell health
  36. Food and medication interactions - get the real facts from your pharmacist
  38. Inflammation and fibrosis in the heart healed with fat
  39. Diabetes-fighting potential spotted in culinary herbs
  40. New methods of detecting Salmonella in pork meat processing
  41. Could a high-fat diet lead to reduced sense of smell?
  42. Could a probiotic prevent obesity?
  43. Frozen Blueberries Better for You Than Fresh
  44. Vitamin D linked with improved survival in bowel cancer patients
  45. What are the health benefits of chickpeas?
  46. Things No One Ever Told You About Caffeine
  47. Soy-rich diet before menopause 'could benefit heart health'
  48. Researchers discover the genetic mechanism that passes on physical responses to hardship
  49. Could chili peppers reduce the risk of colorectal cancer?
  50. Vending machines that provide healthier snacks - popular with students
  51. Breast milk as nutrition and medication for critically ill infants
  52. The chemical compound contaminating your Friday night glass of wine
  53. Program to combat childhood obesity gets kids in daycare moving
  54. Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax and Chia Seeds
  55. Why seniors don't eat
  56. What are the health benefits of bok choy?
  57. Study reveals high food allergy risks among inner-city kids
  58. Understanding Stomach Acid and Food Allergies
  59. Leading physicians advocate more nutrition education during medical training
  60. Death and serious complications more likely in patients with vitamin D deficiency
  61. Mislabeling of fish 'exposes consumers to harmful levels of mercury'
  62. Tax on sugar sweetened drinks may reduce obesity in South Africans
  63. New data show value of oral nutritional supplements given in preoperative setting
  64. Iron deficiency and pica linked in pregnant teens
  65. Spanish study confirms water quality in glass and plastic bottles
  66. Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic
  67. Chinese researchers unmask toxic 'gutter oil' used in cooking
  68. Danish scientists uncover clue to Listeria's toughness
  69. Tomato-rich diet lowers prostate cancer risks
  70. Too much salt may heighten MS symptoms
  71. Gluten for Punishment
  72. Vitamin D supplements 'do not reduce risk of heart attack or stroke'
  73. 8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately
  74. 10 Months 100% Raw. Vegan Diet & Muscle Building.
  75. Targeting added sugars to improve Americans' health
  76. Study reveals drivers of Western consumers' readiness to eat insects
  77. Infant feeding habits may predict eating behaviors in later life
  78. Daily breakfast is associated with a lower type 2 diabetes risk profile in children
  79. First report of allergic reaction to antibiotic pesticides consumed in food
  80. Study shows how sales influence shoppers' food purchases
  81. Lead and cadmium found in some chocolate bought in Brazil
  82. Why Your Diet Sucks
  83. Study: sodium's influence on blood pressure statistically insignificant
  84. Not-so-sweet sugar substitutes
  85. CDC report finds sodium consumption high among U.S. children
  86. Preterm infants at reduced risk of necrotizing enterocolitis when fed breast milk
  87. What's not on the bottle? Public health organisations call on the European Commission to label alcoholic drinks
  88. Dietary self-monitoring aided by smartphone apps
  89. Fish and fatty acid consumption associated with lower risk of hearing loss in women
  90. Muscle Protein Synthesis and the Anabolic Window
  91. Researchers use breast milk to show a correlation between dietary fats and academic success
  92. Humanitarian crises: advancing the science for health programming
  93. Freshman girls know how to eat healthy but need to develop strategies to use in difficult situations
  94. antioxidant capacity of herbs spice and cocoa
  95. Wild berry extract may strengthen effectiveness of pancreatic cancer drug
  96. Vitamin E, selenium supplements unlikely to effect age-related cataracts in men
  97. Beer and its hidden ingredients
  98. Dry-roasted peanuts more likely trigger for allergy
  99. Cytomegalovirus linked to maternal breast milk in very-low-birth-weight infants
  100. Study shows gamma-tocotrienol slows down high fat diet-induced obesity and*improves*insulin resistance in rats
  101. In food allergic disease eosinophilic esophagitis, environment plays bigger role than genetics
  102. Fruit and veg consumption tied to mental health
  103. What are the health benefits of cauliflower?
  104. Perception of quality of buffet food affected by price
  105. Promising drug candidate for Alzheimer's found in turmeric compound
  106. Alkaline vs Acidic Food
  107. Brazil Nuts as a Testosterone Enhancer and Selenium Supplement
  108. Virgin Coconut Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil?
  109. The “If It Fits Your Macros” Conundrum
  110. Anamorelin shown to improve appetite and body mass in patients with cancer anorexia-cachexia
  111. Osteoporosis: bone health in childhood 'is an important factor'
  112. Organically grown foods may offer greater health and safety than foods conventionally grown
  113. Could an apple a day protect against obesity?
  114. New study challenges claims that low vitamin D causes type 2 diabetes
  115. Chef-made meals can increase school meal participation and vegetable intake among students
  116. Cognitive decline 'reversed with personalized treatment plan,' claims researcher
  117. Drug-food interactions in mountaineering
  118. The larger your friends the larger your appetite: the fat suit study
  119. Specific nutrition and exercises may help adults maintain their muscle mass, strength and function as they age
  120. Heavy metal poisoning: probiotic could protect children, pregnant women
  121. Food price gap between 'more' and 'less' healthy foods increased over 10-year period
  122. Sugar consumption led to memory problems and brain inflammation in adolescent rats
  123. Could grapefruit juice curb the effects of a high-fat diet?
  124. Alkalizing Drink
  125. Children's national physician looks at effects of energy drinks and caffeine consumption on sleep, mood, and performance in children
  126. Regular coffee or decaf? Drinking both may benefit the liver
  127. Associations between saturated fat and heart disease risk should be reassessed
  128. The Dangerous Ingredient Turning Up in 'Natural' Foods
  129. Colorectal cancer risk decreases with multiple healthy behaviors
  130. Probiotic decreases the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis
  131. Carbs, Cortisol, and Butter Coffee” by Dr. Mike Israetel
  132. WHO: rising energy drink consumption may pose a threat to public health
  133. Top 3 Foods for Grainy, Shredded Awesomeness
  134. Eating breakfast reduces cravings, overeating
  135. New study finds that orange maize improves vitamin A in children
  136. Vitamin D deficiency linked to poor brain function, death after cardiac arrest
  137. Resveratrol boosts spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome
  138. Lower vitamin D levels found in children who drink non-cow's milk
  139. Anthropology unlocks clues about Roman gladiators' eating habits
  140. Pediatric Allergology: Fresh milk keeps infections at bay
  141. Frying with olive oil better than seed oil for health
  142. Emergency epinephrine used 38 times in Chicago public schools
  143. Frozen meal eaters have better intakes of key nutrients for fewer calories than quick service restaurant eaters
  144. Walnut-enriched diet slows Alzheimer's progression in mice
  145. Hand blenders used for cooking can emit persistent chemicals - Swedish study
  146. What are the health benefits of butternut squash?
  147. Black tea, citrus consumption 'could lower ovarian cancer risk'
  148. Some Scientists Are Calling This The Second Brain. It’s Very Important To Keep It Healthy
  149. Milk may increase risk of fractures, overall mortality in both sexes
  150. Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of asthma attacks
  151. What are the health benefits of parsley?
  152. Mediterranean-style diet linked to lower risk of chronic kidney disease
  153. Alarming findings of severe food insecurity and chronic child malnourishment facing Maasai of Tanzania
  154. AHCC, Japanese mushroom extract, eradicates HPV infections in women
  155. You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hint: You Won’t Be Happy)
  156. The Right Kind Of Stevia, how To Choose
  157. A potential treatment for obesity: pterostilbene, a molecule similar to resveratrol
  158. Drink more fluid to cut risk of further kidney stones, say doctors
  159. Celiac disease triggers may include non-gluten proteins
  160. Cooking classes may positively influence children's food-related preferences and behaviors
  161. Mediterranean diets have lasting health benefits
  162. Packed lunches 'have poorer nutritional quality' than school lunches
  163. Better bone strength offered by new dietary supplement
  164. Should pregnant women eat fish?
  165. What You Don’t Know About Ghrelin
  166. 11 Foods That Affect Your Thyroid Health
  167. What are the health benefits of turkey?
  168. Brown versus white bread: the battle for a fibre-rich diet
  169. Broccoli & Estrogen
  170. Montmorency tart cherry juice found to accelerate recovery after intense cycling
  171. The Soccer Mom Diet (not what you think)
  172. Many children and adolescents get too much caffeine from energy drinks
  173. Vegan protein sources
  174. How to make realistic diet and exercise goals
  175. Obesity 'not always linked with metabolic problems'
  176. Novel diet pill fools body into burning fat from 'imaginary meal'
  177. Replacing a high-carb snack with almonds reduced belly fat and other heart disease risk factors
  178. carbs and body building
  179. Big health benefits from blueberries
  180. Study identifies levels at which five foods may trigger allergic reactions
  181. best time for carbs while dieting.
  182. Studies Show Fake Honey Is Everywhere:Here’s How To Know The Difference:
  183. Honey vs Raw honey
  184. Drinking beetroot juice reduces high blood pressure, trial shows
  185. Eating fish during pregnancy may boost baby's development, not impair it
  186. Historic US and UK dietary advice on fats "should not have been introduced"
  187. Should America go vegan to ward off obesity and save the environment?
  188. Why you don't need much protein [article]
  189. Cheat Meals, Refeeds, and Triple-X Eating
  190. Satisfying thirst and the kidneys: the importance of drinking water
  191. Fast-food ban in L.A. fails to improve diets or cut obesity, study finds
  192. Discovered mechanism to stop ageing
  193. More water = less kidney stones
  194. The 2 Most Anabolic Hours Of The Day !!!
  195. The colour of lettuce determines the speed of its antioxidant effect
  196. Carb Cycling 101
  197. Date syrup shows promise for fighting bacterial infections
  198. This is the best food to reduce bloating
  199. Folic acid may help elderly weather heat waves
  200. Cow's milk found in human breast milk purchased online
  201. Two compounds target the gut to lower blood sugar -- in obese or diabetic rats
  202. What are the health benefits of tea?
  203. Eating out 'raises risk for high blood pressure'
  204. Durbin, Blumenthal 'troubled' by FDA inaction on mislabelled supplements
  205. Brain development suffers from lack of fish oil fatty acids, UCI study finds
  206. Maple syrup helps antibiotics defeat bacteria
  207. Eating yogurt regularly does not improve health, quality of life
  208. The dangers of working in an office
  209. Replace soda with water, tea or coffee to fight diabetes, study suggests
  210. Pancreatic cancer risk linked to weak sunlight
  211. Vitamin D toxicity rare in people who take supplements, Mayo Clinic researchers report
  212. Food industry achieved only baby steps to improve nutritional quality of foods advertised to kids
  213. The best carbs for your whey shake are found in honey
  214. Can diet and exercise prevent muscle loss in old age?
  215. BMC finds adults do not report dietary supplement use to physicians
  216. How used coffee grounds could make some food more healthful
  217. More than half of probiotics contain traces of gluten, study finds
  218. Scientists figure out how vitamin E keeps muscles healthy
  219. Skipping meals tied to increased belly fat, prediabetes
  220. Coffee linked to reduced risk of erectile dysfunction
  221. Drinking chamomile decreases risk of death in older Mexican American women
  222. Food choices influenced by memory
  223. Vegetarian top athlete gets rhabdomyolysis
  224. Study questions beneficial effects of a Nordic diet on cardiovascular events
  225. Soy isoflavone supplement does not improve symptoms, lung function for patients with poorly controlled asthma
  226. Study adds to evidence that increasing dietary fiber reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  227. Western diet could be fatal for prostate cancer patients
  228. Daily sugar-sweetened beverage habit linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  229. New research calls for vitamin D supplementation in critically ill pediatric burn patients
  230. Understanding Huge
  231. Vitamin D status related to immune response to HIV-1
  232. Running a marathon: how to survive the historic endurance race
  233. Food order has significant impact on glucose and insulin levels
  234. Is marriage good or bad for the figure? Comparative study of nine European countries
  235. Fish poisoning rates in Florida underestimated, study suggests
  236. Consumers understand supplements help fill nutrient gaps, new survey shows
  237. Is milk bad for you?
  238. Dairy products boost effectiveness of probiotics
  239. Elderberry benefits air travellers
  240. CDC warn of edible marijuana dangers following death of 19-year-old student
  241. UTHealth experts provide insight on causes of child obesity, tactics to end it
  242. Toward a safe antiobesity drug that could block fat absorption
  243. What happens to the body when you drink Coca-Cola?
  244. Dog food processing methods answering questions
  245. Coca-Cola and the problem with industry-funded research
  246. Women respond more to romantic cues on a full stomach
  247. In very ill, probiotics don't prevent 'superbugs' from colonizing intestinal tract
  248. Sugar consumption having a 'devastating' effect on all of our dental health, claims charity
  249. Call for curb on the production and sale of cheap salty junk food
  250. Could longer school lunch periods encourage healthy eating?