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  1. Preparation And Service Method Affects Resistant Starch Content Of Potatoes
  2. New Research From The University Of Edinburgh Calls For More To Be Done To Establish Good Eating Habits In Children's Early Years
  3. Dwayne Johnson shares the meal plan .....
  4. Diet, 'Anti-Aging' Supplements May Help Reverse Blood Vessel Abnormality
  5. Seven amazing spring superfoods
  6. Food investigations: Welch's fruit juice cocktails contain more corn than fruit: 80% water and high fructose corn syrup
  7. Study Suggests Preordering School Lunches Leads To Healthier Choices
  8. Americans Are Consuming Far Too Much Added Sugar
  9. Investigators Prescribe Caution With Vitamin D Supplementation
  10. Grapes Activate Genes Responsible For Antioxidant Defense In The Heart
  11. Keto Diets- Why They Work....
  12. Strategies for optimal nutrient absorption
  13. 800 IU Of Vitamin D3 Per Day May Be Necessary For Preterm Infants
  14. Do Not Shop When You Are Hungry
  15. Fast Food Restaurants Modestly Improving Nutritional Quality Of Food
  16. 28-Days-to-Lean Meal Plan
  17. Walnuts And Walnut Oil Benefit Heart Health Beyond Lowering Cholesterol
  18. Fast-Food Restaurants Still Need To Improve Nutritional Quality Of Meals
  19. Milk Proteins: Differences in Digestion
  20. Study proves that the Paleo diet can improve health
  21. Wrigley Pulls Caffeinated Gum Off The Shelves
  22. Children With Heart Defects May Benefit From Carnitine Supplement
  23. Dietary Nicotine In Peppers May Reduce Risk Of Developing Parkinson's Disease
  24. The top six fruits for energy
  25. Giving Babies Formula In Early Days May Help Prolong Breastfeeding For Some
  26. Super charge your health with chia seeds
  27. Six foods worth splurging on
  28. 8 metabolism boosting super foods
  29. 10 Nutrition Rules to Achieve an Athletic Build
  30. Top 6 meat-free protein sources
  31. 7 Canned Protein Sources to Stock Up On
  32. Top 25 healthy muscle building foods
  33. Fish Oil May Help The Heart Beat Mental Stress
  34. Coenzyme Q10 - First Drug To Improve Heart Failure Mortality In Over A Decade
  35. Is Your Diet Colorblind?
  36. Snack Healthy - The Sweet Tooth Edition
  37. Sneaking in Nutrition
  38. More Energy on Less Food
  39. Wheat contains over 23,000 potentially harmful proteins
  40. Probiotic Bacteria Beneficial For Brain Function
  41. Know When Your Food Has Gone Bad
  42. Food With Benefits
  43. Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of Unintentional Chemical Exposure
  44. See Food Diet: Food Proximity, Temptation And Fat Loss
  45. Top Ten Nutrients That Support Fat Loss
  46. Eating More Red Meat Associated With Increased Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes
  47. Don't Put Your Veggies In Dark Places
  48. Moderation Seems To Be Key When It Comes To Eating Fish To Prevent Atrial Fibrillation
  49. Heal the gut with these five superfoods
  50. Breastfeeding Helps Children Climb Social Ladder In Adulthood
  51. Brain Addiction To Fast Carbs Is Real, Imaging Study Shows
  52. Fish Oils Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer
  53. Eliminate Gluten From Your Diet To Lose Fat
  54. Late Bedtimes Linked To Weight Gain In Healthy People
  55. How Much Sugar Is In Your Food?
  56. Omega 3 Fish Oils Linked To Increased Prostate Cancer Risk
  57. The benefit of chewing your food more
  58. 6 Body Building Breads
  59. 6 Exotic Muscle Building Meat Options
  60. Chemical contaminants in food evaluated by Danish survey
  61. In patients with kidney disease, calcium linked to increased risk of heart disease and death
  62. Tips on Choosing the Right Canned Tuna
  63. Improving imported food safety, FDA takes steps
  64. Amazing food combinations that will change your health
  65. Food to blame for more children choking
  66. Diets lacking omega-3s lead to anxiety, hyperactivity in teens
  67. Iron-rich foods to prevent anemia could lower dementia risk
  68. What are the health benefits of honey?
  69. Researchers discover how vitamin B12 is made
  70. 'Safe' levels of sugar can still be harmful to your health
  71. Four cups of coffee a day linked to risk of early death
  72. Omega-3 rich oils improve membrane fluidity in retina cells and can help fight age-related eye diseases
  73. Caffeinated drinks may be good for the liver
  74. Junk food in pregnancy linked to childhood mental disorders
  75. Norwich 'super broccoli' rejuvenates metabolism
  76. Protein-enhanced foods: The good, bad and ugly
  77. Scientists add electrolytes to beer in effort to create 'hangover-free' alcohol
  78. School-age drinking 'may increase breast cancer risk'
  79. Violent behavior linked to nutritional deficiencies
  80. What are the benefits of wine?
  81. Chronically ill struggle to put food on the table
  82. What is glucosamine?
  83. Research confirms Mediterranean diet is good for the mind
  84. What is moderate drinking?
  85. Could low salt intake increase mortality risk?
  86. Edible coatings for ready-to-eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  87. How to Cook an Egg in Oatmeal
  88. A Guide to Eating Meat for Fat loss, Muscle building, & Achievement of health
  89. Diet high in a certain fat may help weight loss
  90. fat burning food
  91. Healthy Cast Iron Recipes and Cooking Tips
  92. Muscles and meth: Drug analog identified in 'craze' workout supplement
  93. Toxic sodas and sports drinks exposed in new GAIAM TV episode of 'Secrets to Health'
  94. Low-fiber diet tied to higher cardiometabolic risk
  95. Saturated fat's role in heart disease is a myth, says heart specialist
  96. 5 Home-made (& Dairy-free) Milk Alternatives
  97. Peer pressure likely influences food choices at restaurants
  98. What's New and Beneficial About Kale
  99. Bulging bellies and phosphorus linked to kidney disease
  100. Children who sleep more eat fewer calories
  101. How to eat like a body builder in college with a low budget
  102. Lower education levels linked to unhealthy diets
  103. 8 Foods Even The Food Experts Won’t Eat
  104. Three "hands on" nutrition classes - enough to impact health behaviors in lower income women
  105. News from Annals of Internal Medicine: 12 November 2013
  106. Beaver butt used as 'natural flavoring' in your food
  107. Program helps at-risk family members of patients with heart disease improve their own heart health
  108. Coconut sugar: A low GI sugar rich in amino acids and B vitamins
  109. Cancer risk warning from higher than normal levels of vitamin B12
  110. What are the health benefits of cranberries?
  111. using protein
  112. Is Horseradish good for you?
  113. Eating nuts every day may prolong life
  114. Cottonseed Oil Dangers
  115. Energy drinks alter heart function, study shows
  116. 'Stomach clock' limits food intake to specific times, study suggests
  117. Plant sterols naturally found in corn oil linked to heart health benefits
  118. Support mothers to secure future public health
  119. What are the health benefits of carrots?
  120. Vitamin supplements a waste of money?
  121. Multivitamins 'waste of money,' say medical experts
  122. Desperate Medical Industrial Complex Attacks Vitamin And Mineral Supplements
  123. An apple a day keeps vascular mortality at bay, study suggests
  124. Alcohol & Bodybuilding
  125. Beverage sugar tax targets minorities' health
  126. Whey before workout reduces cortisol level, soya protein doesn’t
  127. Potential weight-loss mouth spray for fuller feeling
  128. Meat, smoking have strongest links to cancer incidence rates
  129. Our food choices are influenced by social norms, study suggests
  130. FDA approves SALMONELEX™ against Salmonella as new food processing aid
  131. Dietary fiber reduces asthma
  132. Nutrition recommendations not adhered to by majority of those with metabolic syndrome
  133. Mediterranean diet linked to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  134. Researchers dispel the myth that coffee consumption can cause dehydration
  135. The HCG diet: Could it be one answer to obesity?
  136. Caffeine enhances memory
  137. Serum omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  138. Research in fruit flies suggests a new mechanism explaining how diet may affect cancer, obesity and adaptations to malnutrition
  139. Five organic foods that may be damaging your digestive system
  140. Chocolate, wine and berries may protect against type 2 diabetes
  141. Popular breakfast cereals found to contain low levels of toxic heavy metals
  142. Combining health and environment
  143. Folic acid linked to breast cancer growth in animal study
  144. Coconut flour: A nutritious, gluten-free substitute to processed flour
  145. Exposure to peanuts builds immunity in allergic children
  146. Antioxidants may speed up lung cancer progression
  147. What are the health benefits of celery?
  148. What are the health benefits of spinach?
  149. CDC: kids' caffeine sources now coffee, energy drinks
  150. School lesson plans on healthy living help reduce waist size in some students
  151. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: your heart will love you for it
  152. Vitamin C linked to reduced risk of stroke
  153. Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient
  154. Only one third of women take folic acid before pregnancy to prevent spina bifida
  155. The DNP effect of anacardic acid in cashew nuts
  156. Daily multivitamin use could reduce cataract risk for men
  157. What are the health benefits of tomatoes?
  158. High carb diet may increase your risk of dementia
  159. Blood pressure-reducing diet may also diminish kidney stone risk
  160. Oral immunotherapy with antibody-based medication could be used to treat multiple food allergies
  161. Math anxiety factors into understanding genetically modified food messages
  162. Too much protein in middle age 'as bad as smoking'
  163. Iron deficiency important to assess in children adopted from institutional settings
  164. Consuming animal protein could prevent functional decline in older men
  165. Could grapefruit be good for your kidneys?
  166. The 5-second rule is not an urban myth, say researchers
  167. Folate levels in young women reduced by UV exposure
  168. Weight loss: counting calories more important than 'eating little and often'
  169. Fertility experts in pioneering 'mediterranean diet' IVF study
  170. Levels of potentially harmful substances in grilled meats could be reduced by beer marinade
  171. Patients with vitamin D deficiency at greater risk for more severe heart disease
  172. New monkey study suggests caloric restriction does promote longevity
  173. Chocolate could prevent obesity and diabetes, study suggests
  174. A new risk for energy drink users
  175. Drink milk? Women who do may delay knee osteoarthritis
  176. Green tea may boost our working memory
  177. Treating mitochondrial disease with vitamin B3
  178. By mimicking a low-carb diet, glucosamine promotes longevity
  179. Green tomatoes may hold the answer to bigger, stronger muscles
  180. Global poverty likely underestimated, could be up to a third higher than reported
  181. More Americans using dietary supplements than previously thought
  182. New research shows how pathogenic E. coli O157:H7 binds to fresh vegetables
  183. In the severely obese, vitamin D deficiency contributes to poor mobility
  184. Relationship between vitamin D deficiency and cognition examined
  185. In newest analysis for Human Microbiome Project scientists re-define what's healthy
  186. CDC data show limited progress in reducing foodborne infections in 2013
  187. For pregnant moms, fish consumption advisories fail to cover all types of contaminants
  188. Children with IBS have higher prevalence of celiac disease
  189. Soaking meats in beer makes them safer to eat from the grill
  190. Spring detox without the juice: Cleanse while eating real food
  191. Study suggests a little wine may be good for your kidneys
  192. Vitamin D supplements have little effect on risk of falls in older people
  193. Lower weight babies and babies who aren't breastfed for long are at greater risk of developing chronic inflammation and related health risks
  194. Low-Carb Is Stupid
  195. Low dietary intake of seafood linked to cognitive decline
  196. Leading medics say UK in need of 'urgent referral' as country struggles to get to grips with obesity crisis
  197. Many toddlers consume too little potassium and dietary fiber
  198. Women who consume high-protein breakfasts may decrease their risk for diabetes
  199. 2014 Dirty Dozen List: The Most Pesticide-Laden Produce You're Eating
  200. Scientists identify mechanism underlying health benefits of red wine, blueberries
  201. The 21 Hottest Hormone Foods
  202. Investigators find something fishy with the classical evidence for dietary fish recommendations
  203. Children in an obesity intervention who lived closer to a supermarket ate more fruits and vegetables
  204. Sports drinks and energy drinks linked to unhealthy behaviors in adolescents
  205. Can coffee protect our eyesight?
  206. Discovery of new cause of high blood pressure and heart disease
  207. Mothers and babies both benefit from the presence of community doulas
  208. Coeliac UK announces fourfold increase in the rate of diagnosed cases of coeliac disease in the UK
  209. No association found between calcium supplements and increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women
  210. How DHA omega-3 fatty acid reaches the brain
  211. Arugula for better sex and more,lol
  212. Fruit or no fruit
  213. HIV patient nutrition more vital than once assumed
  214. Animal model may help improve understanding of omega fatty acids' impact on human health
  215. Olive oil, greens explain Mediterranean diet's beneficial effect on blood pressure
  216. Ape ancestors' teeth provide glimpse into their diets and environments
  217. Rapamycin mimics effects of dietary restriction, may slow aging and related disease
  218. Paleolithic diet 'does not suppress hunger,' study suggests
  219. Vitamin E-rich oils linked to lung inflammation
  220. Link discovered between poor diet before pregnancy and preterm birth
  221. School scheme unable to boost healthy eating and activity among kids
  222. Understanding disease resistance genes in crops to secure future food production
  223. Healthy diet linked with better lung function in COPD patients
  224. Industry-funded study implies diet soda is 'superior to water for weight loss'
  225. Green tea component upsets cancer cell metabolism
  226. Weight loss aided by eating prunes
  227. Norovirus spread by restaurants, say CDC
  228. Stress hormone receptors in taste buds 'may help explain emotional eating'
  229. Another Side of Tilapia, the Perfect Factory Fish
  230. 'Significant gap' in detection of malnutrition in Canadian hospital patients: Survey
  231. Hardball Nutrition for Muscle....Aminos at Midnight
  232. Keeping bread fresh for longer: new edible film made with essential oils
  233. Prolonged fasting 're-boots' immune system
  234. Genes behind food preferences 'may aid weight loss and disease prevention'
  235. Too Much Protein Limits Gains?!
  236. Could resveratrol supplements harm the fetus during pregnancy?
  237. Iron supplements improve anemia and quality of life for women with heavy periods
  238. Deadly complications of liver disease prevented by probiotics
  239. Tomato extract 'improves blood vessel function' in CVD patients
  240. role of carbs
  241. role of protein
  242. 15 Surprising Muscle-Building Foods
  243. bulking foods
  244. Hydrolized formula 'does not protect infants from type 1 diabetes'
  245. FDA and EPA issue draft updated advice for fish consumption
  246. Experts call for greater clarity on the prescribing and dispensing of vitamin D, UK
  247. Concern for the health of Hispanic moms and babies
  248. Caffeine affects males and females differently after puberty
  249. Broccoli plant compound detoxifies air pollutants in the body
  250. Popular artificial sweetener not so sweet