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  1. High-fat diet can alter the cellular body clock
  2. Food should be labelled with "activity equivalent" calorie information
  3. Eating fresh fruits daily may reduce your risk of cardiovascular death
  4. Unapproved ephedrine-like stimulant oxilofrine found in 14 dietary supplement products
  5. Kids' meals still too high in fat and sodium
  6. FDA takes steps to withdraw approval of the swine drug carbadox due to safety concerns
  7. Rewarding children with food could lead to emotional eating
  8. Polyunsaturated or saturated fat? Old data, new conclusions
  9. Increase in coffee consumption could provide protective effect in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  10. Overweight individuals more likely to make unhealthier choices when faced with real food
  11. Vitamin pill could prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with kidney disease
  12. Lower-carb diet slows growth of aggressive brain tumor in mouse models
  13. High levels of phthalates detected in people who eat fast food
  14. A better nutritional facts panel
  15. Scientists identify compounds that may enhance antitumor activity of vitamin D
  16. Healthy diet could lower hypertension risk for women with gestational diabetes
  17. Beer compound decreases weight gain and lowers cholesterol
  18. Children in well-baby group care 90 percent less likely to be overweight than peers in traditional care
  19. Watercress extract could protect smokers against cancer
  20. Childhood obesity, malnutrition connected to mom's perception of child's weight
  21. Fatty diets lead to daytime sleepiness, poor sleep
  22. Finding sleep's sweet spot
  23. Can changes to your diet help you sleep better?
  24. Dark chocolate: a boost for athletes' performance?
  25. Cashews: Nutritional Information, Health Benefits
  26. Could a combined dietary supplement help ward off heart disease?
  27. Nutrient supplements can give antidepressants a boost: International evidence review gives thumbs up to omega-3s
  28. Bored people reach for the crisps
  29. Reducing waste while improving snack nutrition: Carrot pulp adds fiber, increases puffiness of snack foods
  30. The older you get, the more difficult it may become to 'smell' through your mouth: People are also generally better at detecting tastes than smells
  31. A milestone in the battle against arsenic and fluoride-contaminated drinking water
  32. Black raspberry improves cardiovascular risk in metabolic syndrome
  33. Daily chocolate intake linked to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease
  34. Mediterranean diet linked to a healthier heart
  35. A spoonful of sugar? Swapping sugary drinks for water and dairy seems the best medicine
  36. Genetic switch could be key to increased health and lifespan
  37. VTT is developing customised snacks through 3D food printing
  38. Scientists create tasty ginger beverages with healthy qualities
  39. Up to 50% of people with undiagnosed coeliac disease have iron deficiency anaemia
  40. What are the Health Benefits of Walnuts?
  41. Poor fetal, maternal outcomes linked to high-fructose diet in pregnancy
  42. Laser tool effective at identifying mutant listeria bacteria
  43. Probiotics mitigate stress in medical students at exam time
  44. Supercharge Muscle Growth
  45. Serious video games may help increase fruit and vegetable intake
  46. Digesting sweet taste
  47. Do probiotics have an effect on healthy adults? It's too early to tell
  48. Neighbourhoods with more takeaways amplify social inequalities in unhealthy eating and obesity
  49. How fruit and alcohol impact breast cancer risk
  50. Effect of galactose ingestion before and during exercise on substrate oxidation, postexercise satiety, and subsequent energy intake in females
  51. What is Protein? Which Foods Contain Protein?
  52. Omega-3 lowers childhood aggression in short term, Penn research shows
  53. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: What You Need To Know
  54. Holidays in the sun hold key to boosting vitamin D, study finds
  55. High potato intake linked to high blood pressure
  56. Study finds BBP can increase fat stores in body before we're born
  57. New study evaluates nicotine's relationship to body weight and food intake
  58. Intake of dietary fat in adolescence associated with breast density
  59. Diet Tips for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
  60. Low salt intake may raise risk of heart attack, stroke, and death
  61. FDA modernizes Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods
  62. Home Remedies for the Stomach Flu
  63. Antihypertensive effect of fermented milk products under the microscope
  64. Sugar substitutes may cut calories, but don't offer health benefits for individuals with obesity: Study
  65. Babies fed directly from breast may be at less risk for ear infections
  66. Urine tests not reliable for dehydration in older adults
  67. Prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies' cognitive development
  68. Few Americans engage in health behaviors that prevent chronic disease
  69. Fasting-mimicking diet shows promise against MS
  70. Portion-controlled ready meals may encourage greater weight loss
  71. Bright lights, healthy choices
  72. Binge eating trigger point located deep inside brain
  73. Seaweed could potentially help fight food allergies
  74. 6 Nutrition Findings On Salmon, Dark Chocolate & More
  75. Walnuts may improve your colon health
  76. Could dietary fiber be key to successful aging?
  77. The Post-Workout Anabolic Window
  78. Green tea compound could help treat Down syndrome
  79. Rehydrating with soda on a hot day may worsen dehydration
  80. Adaptive Thermogenesis The Beauty and the Beast of The Biggest Loser
  81. Barley lowers not one but two types of 'bad cholesterol', review suggests
  82. A diet lacking in zinc is detrimental to human and animal health
  83. Diet Soda and Diabetes: Things to Consider
  84. Depressed? Grab them nuts
  85. Lose Your Gut - We Show You How to Burn Fat Fast!
  86. Many with migraines have vitamin deficiencies, says study
  87. Caffeine has little to no benefit after 3 nights of sleep restriction
  88. 'Traffic-light' and numeric calorie labels cut calorie consumption by 10 percent
  90. High-fat diet in pregnancy can affect three future generations
  91. Certain factors affect vitamin D levels in children with chronic kidney disease
  92. Is Okra Good for Diabetes?
  93. Food pathogen detection via handheld 'nanoflower' biosensor
  94. Diet Tips for Prediabetes
  95. Mixing Macros How to Use Macronutrient Combinations to Improve Your Physique
  96. Review of low FODMAP diet and IBS recently published
  97. What is the Best Milk for People with Diabetes?
  98. Children's nutrition influenced by local neighborhoods
  99. New study finds link between omega-3 supplementation and reduced hospital stays
  100. Could hops extract reduce risk of breast cancer?
  101. How Does Coffee Affect Diabetes?
  102. 8 Rules for The Hard Gainer
  103. High-fiber diet alters gut bacteria to protect against food allergy
  104. Cruciferous vegetables protect against oral cancer, study shows
  105. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of death from heart attack
  106. Borderline Diabetes: What You Need to Know
  107. Could ancient wheat be the future of food?
  108. Cannibalism: A health warning
  109. Butter not significantly linked to ill health, says study
  110. Are Beets Good for Diabetes?
  111. Eating walnuts may help prevent colon cancer
  112. Why is My Poop Green? Stool Colors Explained
  113. Is Oatmeal Good for People with Diabetes?
  114. Pasta may not be fattening after all
  115. Gut bacteria-based supplement reduces cravings for high-calorie foods
  116. More calories consumed from subsidized food commodities linked to cardiometabolic risks
  117. Children make poor dietary choices shortly after advertisements of unhealthy foods and beverages: Study
  118. Family upbringing has no impact on people's food preferences
  119. Simple water station setup increases students' water consumption
  120. How mom's diet during pregnancy could affect disease inheritance
  121. Gut bacteria unleash anti-aging power of pomegranates
  122. Fruit and veg give you the feel-good factor: New research suggests up to eight-a-day can make you happier
  123. Obesity: Could being well hydrated prevent weight gain?
  124. Why are some foods considered comfort food?
  125. Same diet, different genes, differing levels of success
  126. Help at hand for people watching their weight
  127. The Calorie Debate
  128. Food nudging can help us to eat in a healthier way
  129. Red meat consumption linked to kidney failure
  130. Happy cows make more nutritious milk
  131. Cinnamon: Could this popular spice make us better learners?
  132. Garlic aroma found in breast milk
  133. Modified rye bread helps patients with irritable bowel syndrome
  134. Eat more healthy fat to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  135. Lower risk of bowel cancer death linked to high omega 3 intake after diagnosis
  136. Why Americans Waste So Much Food
  137. Iron deficiency puts a third of pregnant women at risk of complications
  138. Food supplements in the fight against heart disease?
  139. How to Naturally Manipulate Insulin to Improve Body Composition and Performance
  140. Breast cancer risk may be influenced by type of fat dad eats
  141. Dutch men and Latvian women tallest in world according to 100-year global height study
  142. Ketone drink may help athletes unlock greater human metabolic potential
  143. Okra: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information
  144. Does eating meat increase risk of death?
  145. Omega-3 improves heart damage, function after heart attack
  146. Worldwide obesity: Meat protein has as much effect as sugar
  147. Researchers develop new framework for human nutrition
  148. In the raw: To cook or not to cook?
  149. Cardiac complications from energy drinks? Case report adds new evidence
  150. Consumption of natural estrogens in cow's milk does not affect blood levels or reproductive health
  151. Soy may prevent diabetes, heart disease for women with PCOS
  152. Intriguing link between vitamin D and birth control uncovered
  153. Prebiotics could help treat exercise-induced asthma
  154. 'Feeling full' hormone increase in seniors may explain 'anorexia of aging'
  155. Could thiamine-fortified fish sauce help fight infant beriberi in Southeast Asia?
  156. Mediterranean diet may slow cognitive decline, prevent Alzheimer's
  157. Better cultural fit may encourage healthy eating
  158. Study of brain activity shows that food commercials influence children's food choices
  159. Lack of fresh food choices linked to signs of early heart disease
  160. Alzheimer's-causing proteins could be reduced with a healthy diet, exercise
  161. Personalized nutrition is better than a 'one size fits all' approach in improving diets
  162. Dementia risk increased with calcium supplements in certain women
  163. ADHD associated with unhealthy diet in pregnancy
  164. Greater intake of dietary omega-3 fatty acids associated with lower risk of diabetic retinopathy among individuals with type 2 diabetes
  165. How long does 'chemo brain' last?
  166. Citrus fruit antioxidants may prevent chronic diseases caused by obesity
  167. Guarana found to have higher antioxidant potential than green tea
  168. The war on sugar: 'Children should consume fewer than 6 teaspoons daily'
  169. Scientists challenge recommendation that men with more muscle need more protein
  170. Nine hydrating drinks that are healthier than water
  171. Could fish oil reverse negative effects of a fatty diet?
  172. Ginger-It burns like hell
  173. Vitamin cocktails: An ethical dilemma of supply and demand
  174. Coffee intake depends on gene variation, study suggests
  175. 20 cent school intervention stops unhealthy weight gain in children
  176. Mediterranean diet associated with lower risk of death in cardiovascular disease patients
  177. All You Need to Know About the Glucose Tolerance Test
  178. What is the Function of the Hypothalamus?
  179. New study uses cutting-edge miniature photography to unravel how vitamin A enters cells
  180. Caffeine may complicate blood pressure treatment and diagnosis
  181. Babies and mealtime: Food selection is more social than nutritional
  182. Gluten-free diet gains popularity, despite no rise in celiac disease
  183. Vitamin D supplements may lower risk of severe asthma attacks
  184. Gut bacteria and the brain: Are we controlled by microbes?
  185. Review highlights the range of negative health effects linked with red meat consumption
  186. Should you feed a cold and starve a fever? Study investigates
  187. How reliable is the glycemic index?
  188. The pleasures - and perils - of protein: Study in fruit flies reveals new clues to appetite and aging
  189. Type 2 diabetes: Gene discovery could yield new treatments
  190. Men's hidden body fat fears fueling gym attendance
  191. The '5-second rule' is disproved in new study
  192. Historical analysis examines sugar industry role in heart disease research
  193. Healthy diet boosts children's reading skills
  194. Broccoli v. French fries: Appealing to teens' impulse to rebel can curb unhealthy eating
  195. Eating more fruits and vegetables cut kidney patients' medicine expense in half
  196. Gluten Intolerance: Signs and Symptoms
  197. How Does Alcohol Affect My Blood Sugar Levels?
  198. Can omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids improve reading skills?
  199. Diet and exercise may improve physical function and quality of life in older obese adults
  200. Stress erases benefits of eating 'good' fats, study says
  201. Brain benefits of aerobic exercise lost to mercury exposure
  202. Sugar and heart disease: The sour side of industry-funded research
  203. Importance оf water in Bоdуbuilding tо stay hуdrаtеd
  204. Vitamin D levels in pregnant women could be linked to some learning disabilities in children
  205. Speedy bacteria detector could help prevent foodborne illnesses
  206. High-zinc diet may raise risk of C. difficile infection
  207. What Does It Feel Like to Have High Blood Sugar Levels?
  208. UNAM develops successful nano edible coating which increases life food
  209. Mediterranean diet linked to reduced risk of CVD
  210. Hunger may motivate us more than thirst, fear, or anxiety
  211. Mix and match microbes to make probiotics last
  212. Omega-3 could help prevent environmentally induced lupus
  213. Could coffee reduce women's risk of dementia?
  214. Randomized trial suggests eating bread made with ancient grains could benefit heart health
  215. How Does Stress Affect My Cholesterol Levels?
  216. Fasting For 3 Days Regenerates the Entire Immune System
  217. Adaptation to food deprivation as a clue for treating metabolic diseases
  218. Food preferences altered by specific brain pathways
  219. Cinnamon Allergy: Symptoms and Treatment
  220. Binge eating could be halted by activating novel brain receptor
  221. Can regular meal times help combat jet lag?
  222. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo funded almost 100 health organizations over 5 years
  223. 'Only drink water when thirsty,' study suggests
  224. High-protein diet curbs metabolic benefits of weight loss
  225. Alcohol and Asthma: What's the Connection?
  226. Dietary intake of arginine can enhance the immune response against cancer
  227. We love meat but prefer not to know where it comes from
  228. Caffeine did not induce arrhythmia in trial with heart failure patients
  229. Eight foods to eat for healthier hair
  230. Can Castor Oil Be Used For Treating Constipation?
  231. Did you just lose weight? These nine foods will help you keep it off
  232. Eight superfoods you've never heard of but need to know
  233. Childhood cancer survivors with poor diet at risk of chronic illness
  234. Cheese: A matter of love or hate
  235. Should You Stop Trying to Lose Weight
  236. Diabetes risk doubles with more than two soft drinks daily
  237. Hunger 'not linked to calorie intake'
  238. Drinking an ice slurry/water mix helps body cope with exertion in hot weather
  239. Restoring evolutionary fatty acid balance may curb obesity
  240. Dietary intake and function in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Are they associated?
  241. Vitamin A orange maize improves night vision
  242. Cranberry extract disrupts spread of hard-to-treat bacteria
  243. Study: Toss eggs onto salads to increase Vitamin E absorption
  244. Treating children's peanut allergy via skin patch shows promise in trial
  245. Infants born to obese women and fed with breast milk gain less weight than those fed with powdered milk within their first 6 months of life
  246. Diet success: Does brain structure play a role?
  247. Beef vs. bugs: Which is most nutritious?
  248. Mulberry compound aids weight loss by activating brown fat
  249. Customizing vitamin D supplements to the individual would ensure benefits are felt
  250. Delayed gratification associated with fast food frequency