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Social media is the biggest thing wrong with so many aspects of modern day bodybuilding. It's the black hole of fakeness. There are popular "bodybuilders" on their who have never even competed giving people cycle advice and the best way to prep for a show. Other guys are talking about how all the pros are taking these mega doses and if you're taking less than 3grams of gear per week then you're wasting your time. It's ridiculous. Just looking at social media makes me want to throw up lol. I miss the good old days when we had magazines. Even a lot of the articles in the mags were bullsh*t, but at least it wasn't on the level that it is today.
man their is high school kids doing it at the main gym i go to. the one dumb ass kid's dad who i know has had 3 heart attacks and isnt even 50. so i kind of hinted to him hey man go talked to such and such, his old man was all fucked up and he had a massive heart attack at 22. ask him what he was doing growing up? kid is an absolute moron looks like shit and is lazy. if i run into his mom i am going to hint to her to have a health panel run on him. she will shit when she sees his health markers