What are dehydroandrostenol and dehydroandrosterone?
Until recently, we honestly thought that the era of pro-hormones was over. But in recent months we have seen them reappear, the 'supplements' with steroids that probably do not do much, but which in the body may convert into substances that may have an anabolic effect. Dehydroandrostenol and dehydroandrosterone are such new prohormones.Dehydroandrostenol
Chemists call dehydroandrostenol 5-androsten,3-alpha,17-beta diol [structural formula below]. The substance is pretty similar to DHEA [structural formula above].

There are two differences between DHEA and dehydroandrostenol. One: DHEA has a 3-beta-hydroxyl group, dehydroandrostenol a 3-alpha-hydroxyl group. Two: DHEA has a 17-ketone group, dehydroandrostenol a 17-beta-hydroxyl group.

We know practically nothing about dehydroandrostenol. It is a metabolite of dehydroandrosterone, another DHEA analogue about which not much is known. Both steroids are in 'upplements' like Sup3r 3AD from Olympus Labs, which appeared on the market in mid-2018. According to the label, a capsule contains 30 milligrams of dehydroandrostenol and 15 milligrams of dehydroandrosterone.The fact that two such obscure steroids are now on the market may have a prosaic reason. The more famous steroids are on lists of substances that the British and American governments do not tolerate in supplements. Dehydroandrostenol and dehydroandrosterone are not yet on that list.
In the European Union, the situation is different in the EU. In Europe, pharmacological substances in supplements are forbidden, so a supplement like Sup3r 3AD is illegal within the European Union.

The combination of dehydroandrostenol and dehydroandrosterone in 'supplements' for more muscle growth is covered by a 2018 patent. The patent claims that dehydroandrosterone enhances the anabolic effect of dehydroandrostenol.If we have to believe that patent, dehydroandrostenol has a unexpected anabolic affect. The patent holders gave a castrated goat 50-200 milligrams of dehydroandrostenol for 8 weeks, and witnessed the increase of the animal's body weight by 80 percent more than the body weight of another goat, which received no dehydroandrostenol.

The patent also claims that the writers have tested dehydroandrostenol on 2 bodybuilders. One test subject took 100 milligrams of dehydroandrostenol daily for 16 weeks, and as a result gained nearly lean 7 kilos.

Another test subject took 80 milligrams of dehydroandrostenol every day for 6 weeks and gained over 4 pounds. Right.
We have difficulty believing the claims in the patent. We can hardly imagine that a mix of two substances, both of which closely resemble DHEA, would have such a great muscle building effect.