Squat 7 sets
T bar row 4 sets
Lat pulldown 3 sets
BB curl 4 sets
Rope cable curl 3 sets

Box jumps 3 sets
Rope pulldown 3 sets

The squats felt good so I figured I would keep going. Form felt pretty good and got better as I was going, weight felt someone light. I thought for sure I'd be sore this morning but so far nothing yet. I did go a bit light on the lat pulldowns the first two sets, I thought it was normal weight but it felt super easy, on the 3rd set I really increased the weight and still felt like it was a good set. The one drawback was time went quickly and I didn't get to do any cardio or jump roping, before I knew it, it was time to go.

I left the gym a little earlier than usual and I'm glad I did because right outside the gym there was a car accident and I got through the traffic before it turned ugly. It was only 5 minutes early and it was because I haven't shot baskets in awhile, so I went to the park to get some shots up. When I went to the park a month ago, it was almost uncomfortable heat but now it's great temperature out to be able to get some shots up.