DB hammer curl superset w/ wide grip handle extensions 4 sets
Incline DB hammer curl superset w/ rope extension 4 sets
Double high cable curl superset w/ db behind head extension 4 sets

Farmers walks, ab work

I was at the gym for about 45 minutes instead of my normal hour but it seemed like I was there a lot shorter period of time. I had somewhere to be at 915 and the gym doesn't open until 8. I sort of knew after my appointment I wasn't going to want to go to the gym at that point so I went in and got a quick workout. I'm glad I did, I sat at the car dealership for 3 hours waiting, it was awful. By the time I left I was furious, tired, and had a headache. Anyway I didn't think the workout was anything special. But I woke up Sunday and my biceps were sore which hasn't happened in months. I know it's not an indicator of a good workout but it was a welcomed surprise. My abs were also sore since I switched up what I usually do. That was also a nice surprise.



I played like garbage but when I look back at it, I think only 3 people played well. It felt like a weird game of basketball. The team was not spacing the floor well or moving like they should. Almost like everyone was tired. I didn't feel tired and felt like I was moving more than anyone but it didn't amount to much. Good cardio though as I was soaked and felt like I did a lot of running.