I killed this CUT!!
Bf came in low, it was transformation type deal.
I had no way to measure BF calipers I don't trust telling me 3-4% LMAO!! NO WAY
So I would say 6%
I spilled over switching to letro 1.25mg 2x last wk.
Should of kept Aromasin 25mg eod
And I messed up on diet.
Went like a dog tearing into food 2 nights
Honey buns, ice cream bars, Oreos u name it. Like a dog and mess was there but she said glad u ate more, was snappy!
So I cycled off most
Still using mast, primo, test prop
Hgh and t3/t4
Gotta cycle off t3 and t4
Will Lower hgh to 3iu
Will stop prop and mast 6 days before draw.
Will run out if primo prolly.
With my TRT Cyp
Bloods are 6-17 draw.

After bloods I will keep test at high cruise not too high
- Test cyp 2-300 wk prolly 200wk
- Mast at 6-700wk
- (Maybe primo at 700wk or Test-1-cyp
at 500wk or deca at 300-400wk one of these 3) (primo, Test-1-cyp, or deca??)
- Trest ace 25mg eod to keep adrogenic without estro sides and keep free test thru roof especially if chose deca!!
- Maybe Trest Enathate at 100mg wk and Trest ace as needed??
- Cabar 0.25mg @2xwk or 0.5mg 2xwk
- HGH 3-5iu
- thyroid will see how bloods are. Dr checking my TSH and free T4 so will see what happens....
- Ai only as needed maybe keep 10mg nolva a day and depend on MAST and add proviron I do this alot. If so AI only if or as needed as less as possible
So my plan....

Couple photos to share Attachment 7671520180623_100114.jpg20180623_100218.jpg20180623_100354.jpg20180623_100501.jpg20180623_100559.jpg20180623_100702.jpg20180623_101012.jpg20180623_101118.jpg20180623_101247.jpg

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